Personal GPS Trackers

  • CVHS-G42
  • TL-201

Full list of GPS-trackers

Vehicle GPS Controllers

  • GlobalSat GTR-128
  • GlobalSat TR-600
  • GalileoSky v.2.3
  • GalileoSky v.5.0 / v.5.1
  • Enfora
  • Falcom Stepp III
  • Teltonika FM-4100
  • Teltonika FM-2200 / FM-2100
  • Teltonika FM-1100 / FM-1200
  • Teltonika FMA100

Full list of GPS-trackers

Connection and Settings

To connect a GPS tracker to the GPS Home Server you shall set up it in the correct way.

Set up your GPS Tracker

To connect a GPS device to GPS Home server you should adjust server address (recommended) or IP and port in the settings of your tracker.

Server address (IP) /
Port 20100

Please refer to a User’s manual of your tracker to get info about it’s commands and settings.

Personal GPS trackers

Personal GPS Tracker XEXUN TK-102

Very popular personal GPS tracker Xexun TK-102 made by Shenzhen Xexun Technology company. Used to monitor a mobile staff, for safety and care of children and seniors. Tracker is pocket-sized, is small and light weight.
The device became very popular. It lead to active copying and now you can meet a lot of clones on the market. The quality of these clones is unstable, sometimes they can’t be set up or suspend after a short time of activity.

Wearable GPS Tracker/Watch GlobalSat TW-100

TW-100 is a wearable type of personal tracker that designed in wrist watch style and intended for safety monitoring for elders and children. TW-100 equips with both microphone and speaker that allows hands-free two-way communication capability. Also, the notification button offers an easy way to make a phone call to those pre-set phone books and sends Notification alert together with just a single click.