Online Tracking

You can follow the location of any number of objects connected to your account. All geolocation data (coordinates, speed, course, sensors. alerts, messages) is available. You can choose maps and languages whatever you like.

Tracks and geolocation history

All the objects’ geolocation and tracking data and telemetry (velocity, course, fuel control and other sensors) are saved in your Personal Account. This data is used to build tracks and analytical reports.

Aggregated data and analytics

Aggregated geolocation data is used to detect movement and static (say, parking) parts of a track, to calculate average speed, fuel consumption, to control object’s visits to checkpoints and to create analytical reports about mobile staff, vehicles, work schedule execution, compliance to standards and requirements etc.

Notifications and SOS alerts

User can sent an alarm message to the server by pressing the emergency (SOS) button of the GPS-tracker. Operator gets this alarm notification, can watch it on the map and react.
Emergency SOS button can be set to fix visits to checkponts. A field employee presses the SOS button when entered a checkpoint. Special settings on the server define this SOS message not as an alarm, but as a report about visit to the nearest checkpoint.

Sensors to control fuel and vehicle

Fuel consumption, filling and discharging of tankers, motor hours, mileage, temperature, additional equipment and systems activity under control.

Geofences and landmarks

You can create geofences, landmarks and checkpoints to improve control of the vehicles and mobile staff. 
Geofence is an area on the map, created by user. If an object enters or leaves geofence, the system creates a notification.
Landmark is a point on the map that is frequently visited by objects. It is used to complete the address of the point or to change it. You see landmark name as on the track both in table reports.

Mobile Apps

Different applications developed by our specialists or third parties are available. You can use them to add GPS-tracking functionality to your smartphone, tablet or another mobile device.

Personal and vehicle GPS trackers

GPS Home siupports a plenty of different GPS trackers, as made by worldwide famous brands both cheap devices, supplied by web-stores. If your GPS-tracker is not supported yet, please contact us