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Frequently asked questions

GPS Home server was designed to track the location of mobile or static objects (vehicles, people, animals, cargo, terminals etc.).
An object must be equipped with a tracker – a GPS tracker (special device) or software to get a location (and other available telemetry) from GPS or any other satellite network and send it to the server. GPS Home server accumulates the received data and shows an observer current geolocation of the objects on the digital map, provides tracks and historical data aggregations by request, generates alarms, transmit messages to other devices etc.

To use GPS Home capabilites, you should register and connect the trackers you want to watch for.

Yes, certainly, you can use a smartphone or a tablet as for tracking geolocation both for objects’ control and monitoring. Please install our free App GPS Home Tracker for Android platform.

With GPS Home you can use plenty of specialized hardware trackers and terminals, supporting GPS, GLONASS (Russian national satellite system), Galileo (European Space Agency’s geolocation system) and other GNSSs. Please refer to the list of supported GNSS trackers. If you can’t find your device there or if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us.

Yes, with GPS Home you can be sure that fuel consumption of a vehicle is completely under control. You can choose any suitable option: install a special sensor to get data about the current fuel level, connect GPS tracker to OBD/CAN bus of the vehicle or check fuel consumption against mileage of the vehicle.

The simple and reliable OBD GPS trackers are Teltonika FMB001 and FMB010 models. They provide an access to current speed, driving mode, fuel level, fuel consumption, engine operating time and other suitable data. Due to simple installation procedure, these trackers are very convenient to control as private both delivery, service and other commercial vehicles.

If you plan to buy a GPS tracker please be ensured that it’s compatible with GPS Home service and provides all the necessary interfaces to get and transmit data you need to be controlled. Please have a look at our list of compatible GNSS trackers. If you model is absent there or if you have any doubts, please contact us.